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Standing Seam Metal Roofing

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This is a standing seam metal roof on a house and a barn in Kuna, Idaho. 

Why choose metal roofing?

There are many reasons people choose metal roofing over shingle roofing, and one of the most common reasons is that people like the way that metal roofing looks. Here are some factors to consider when you are looking at installing metal roofing on your home or building.

1. Steepness of slope: Metal roofing is best for steep slope roofs with a pitch above 2/12. Metal roofing is not an appropriate roofing material for a flat roof because water will stand on the metal roof panels and cause rust and other damage.

Cold weather application: There are many additional requirements to applying a metal roof in snow country to ensure watertighttess. The best thing you can do is to ensure that the roofing company you hire to install your metal roof are cold-weather experts. You need to use specific underlayments, fasteners and closures when roofing for cold weather.

2. Proper roof ventilation: There are many different ways you can vent your metal roof to meet building code and to make sure your roof is properly ventilated. A roof that is not properly vented will age prematurely, as well as increases the risk for moisture and mold in the attic.

3. Metal gauge: For cold weather applications, where you get a over a foot of snow a year, you’ll want to use 24 gauge metal. Lighter metal has a tendency to curl and bend with the cold weather and ice dams.

4. Ice dams: Ice and water shield barrier, zip tape, and other applications will need to be used to prevent ice dams. Even with that you may want to install snow guards or heat tape on your eaves.

5. Cost of metal roofing: In 2021, the cost to supply and install metal roofing is higher than the cost of installing a shingle roof. If you were considering installing metal because you think it is cheaper, that is simply not the case any more.


At All County Roofing, our roofers have been installing metal roofing for over 39 years. We have the experience and skill to install the metal roof that you’ve always dreamed of.

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