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Residential Roof Warranties

When it comes to warranties for residential roofing, it's essential to understand that not all warranties are created equal. In the past, shingles were marketed with terms like "10-year" or "20-year" warranties, but now they are more commonly marketed as "Limited Lifetime" warranties. t's important to note that "Limited Lifetime" in most cases means "Your Lifetime," not the lifetime of the house itself. 

  • Transferability of Roofing Warranties. It's also important to know that most roof warranties only transfer once, meaning that if you buy a house that has a relatively new roof but you are the third owner of the house since the roof has been installed, if your roof fails, you likely won't be covered. This is why it's crucial to understand the warranty details before purchasing a new roof.

  • Read the Fine Print of Your Warranty: When it comes to reading the fine print of roofing warranties, there are a few key points to keep in mind. Some manufacturers provide 100% non-prorated lifetime coverage for your lifetime, meaning that if your roof fails, the manufacturer will cover the cost of repairs or replacement, no questions asked. However, some manufacturers provide prorated warranty coverage, which means that the coverage decreases based on the roof's age. It is important to know that there are as many variations of shingle warranties as there are flavors of ice cream.

  • Contractor Workmanship Warranty: Another essential aspect to consider regarding roofing warranties is the "Contractor Workmanship Warranty." This warranty covers any issues that may arise due to poor installation or workmanship and is usually provided by the contractor who installed the roof. Additionally, it is vital to ask about the labor warranty, as some manufacturers' warranties cover labor and materials while others do not.


All County Roofing provides a limited lifetime contractor workmanship warranty for as long as you own your home on most new residential roofs. This warranty covers any leaks that are attributable to faulty materials or installation. If you ever have a leak on your roof, you can rest assured we'll be there to take care of it.  Contact us to request a no-obligation roof replacement bid today.

In summary, when it comes to warranties for residential roofing, it's essential to understand that not all are created equal. It's crucial to read the fine print and understand the warranty details before purchasing a new roof. 

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